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You may think that your hearing is perfect, and it could well be. But your hearing can fade gradually, without you really noticing. So if your family often complain because they have to repeat everything twice, if you find yourself constantly saying ‘pardon’, or you find it hard to distinguish one voice in a crowded room, it could be worth having a consultation with a Sonic hearing aid audiologist.

Loss of hearing is something that is associated with getting older, and it’s a natural part of the ageing process. But your family and friends will notice hearing loss - whereas in fact, if you wear a hearing aid, no one will notice at all. And for most people wearing a hearing aid enables them to get on with their life rather than getting away with social network.

At our Hearing Centres, you can expect the same level of expertise, the same friendly, jargon-free approach and the same care and attention. And in our Hearing Centres you will only ever be seen by a professional hearing aid audiologist, whose aim is to find you the best solution to your individual hearing loss.

We will never sell you a hearing aid if you don’t need one, because we’re a company that has built its reputation on looking after its customers and providing them with the best possible care. And just as going for an eye test doesn’t always mean you’ll need glasses, having your ears tested doesn’t automatically mean that the best solution will be using hearing aids.

We all have preconceptions about hearing aids: how much they cost, how big they are, how uncomfortable they are to wear and what other people will think of us for wearing one. But the truth is, hearing aid technology has developed so much in recent years that most of the things we know, or think we know, are simply not true.

Look at a mobile phone, or a digital camera and it’s easy to see how much technology has moved on. Hearing aids are no different. Today’s models are slimmer, lighter and more discreet than ever before. In fact, some people wear them without their partners knowing, because they’re so small. As for being uncomfortable, a hearing aid should be custom made for your ear. At Sonic, we will make sure your aid fits you perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

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