Siemens hearing aids & instruments
Siemens hearing aids & instruments A Clear & comfort listening experience

Sonic Hearing Aids @ Vashi,Ghatkopar,Parel,Colaba,Home Visit Available

Sonic Hearing Aid is not just an Aid Clinic but a Clear and Comfortable listening experience. The ability to hear is such a fundamental part of our lives that most people are taking it for granted. Hearing is a gift, but do we appreciate it enough? Most people who were able to regain their hearing ability with the help of the right solution describe a dramatic improvement in their quality of life. We provide the Most Trusted Digital Hearing Aids & an optimal solution to suit every individual - regardless of degree of hearing loss, age, lifestyle or budget

Sonic Hearing Aids assist individuals that have auditory and verbal difficulty which can be congenital or developed later. Sonic Hearing Aid centre is situated in Vashi, Ghatkoper , Parel,  and  Nariman Point in Mumbai. In Sonic Hearing Aids center you will get hearing aid’s of recent technology, unobtrusive, comfortable and are at affordable cost. The health centre strives hard to provide the best health solutions and cater to all the needs of the patients. .

Siemens Hearing Aids

Siemens provide a wide range of discreet, attractive and powerful hearing systems that are tailored to the needs of modern, active lifestyles and open up an entirely new world of hearing. Finding out you have hearing loss and need to wear a hearing aid can be quite a daunting experience. However, once you understand how hearing aids work and how to acclimatise quickly to wearing one, you’ll hardly know it is there.

Siemens guide to better hearing will lead you through your next steps. Below is a checklist of what you need to plan for and consider:

  • Find a licensed, reputable Hearing Health Care Professional
  • Make an appointment for your hearing test
  • Choose your hearing system
  • Have your ear impression made
  • Schedule your fitting
  • Follow up visit(s)
  • Learn to enjoy sound again
  • Siemens Hearing Instruments

    There are numerous state-of-the-art hearing instruments available with different styles, features, and cosmetic solutions that can greatly enhance your daily life without hindering your individual lifestyle. But all hearing instruments have certain characteristics in common. They are made to selectively increase the volume of the sounds you want to hear. They can make soft sounds audible, while at the same time making moderate or loud sounds comfortable, thus providing relief in both noisy and quiet situations. No hearing instrument can solve every hearing problem or restore normal hearing, but they are designed to provide amplification so that you can hear and understand better. A hearing instrument is basically a miniature amplification system with the following components:
  • A microphone
  • An amplifier (most employ digital signal processing)
  • A miniature loudspeaker called a receiver
  • Either a custom formed earmold made from acrylic or silicon, or individual shell for custom instruments

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    Siemens hearing aids & instruments
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